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Who we are ?

DECO SET  was incorporated as a company to manufacture external frontal accessories and profiles with its young and dynamic staff in 2007 by its founders who were involved in external frontal sidings and decorative solutions applications starting from 1992 till today.

DECO SET adapted itself a principle to manufacture high quality and aesthetical products and to provide customer satisfaction in paralel. It has transferred all the background information it has acquired from implementation to manufacturing and adapted the technical values that the products shall have to manufacturing and thus proved its quality and philosophy of service in a very short time either at home or abroad.


What is Hybrid Coating Technology?

Hybrid Coating; the combination of the blend obtained with a retarded reaction process by using binders such as polyurethane, silicone, acrylic in combination with certain catalysts.

  It is the type of coating which has the highest resistance to atmospheric conditions according to its basic structure. Chemistry and bond formation which maintains its resistance against temperature change, moisture effect, water and freezing effect, repetitive reaction chain maintains the same properties for many years.


Why Choose Us?

 We are honest and solution focused firm that producing high quality products to provide its permanency  by using leading modern technology . We pay attention to customer demands and requirements to develop new products as long as it conforms with our quality policy. 

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